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10 Reasons why you should date a Footballer

Football is the most popular sport in the world right now.Those who seriously engage in this   sport as professionals,own outstanding qualities that would make a lady go cray over them.Here’s why:

1.Footballers know how to party: If you are dating a footballer,you would agree with me that hanging out with him is usually one thing you look forward to cause its quite fun. They usually hanging out with fellow footballers and it even makes it more interesting because they have access to restaurants and clubs.

2.Footballers care people,whether related to them or not:They are known to be people who take part in charity events and give to those who are needy.if he loves you then you  are sure he always got your back!

MAN U3.Footballers are healthy,in shape and can keep up in bed:The need to be physically fit for a footballer is inevitable and therefore have to eat healthy,and they would definitely drag you along in their good eating habits.They also can lift you, last longer, and keep up with your energy.

4.Footballers have a sense of discipline: In their kind of sport,discipline is key and due to routine and respect to duties they would automatically borrow that aspect into their dating life.Who does not want a disciplined man anyway? I bet we all do!

5.Footballers are physically attractive:Their visits to the gym pays off big time because they are always in good shape and super sexy.

footballer looking fit..6.Footballers are hard workers: They tend to be self-driven,competitive,have set goals,celebrate accomplishments and above it all they are confident.

7.Footballers can play Soccer with you:You probably do not enjoy playing football but you would not mind playing it with that one man you love.It definitely will improve your relationship and take it to greater heights.

A couple playing soccer

9.Footballers would take you places around the world:Their career involves a lot of traveling and meeting different people.this would give you a chance as their partner to explore the world’s most beautiful places as you support his career.

10.Footballers are good at sharing:Footballers will go out of their way just to see your doing fine,this could be attributed to the rules of their game,selflessness is a key attribute in football.If you are not able to score pass it on to the other party to do so.They also are team-players who would work hard to keep your relationship thrives.

Footballers shzring insighs

  • Footballers earn good money:This is the icing on the cake!talent pays and for football it does really well I must admit.If he is good at sharing ,travel a lot guess who would be spending all that hard earned income with? his girlfriend of course!

Ladies,the next time a man in a jersey shows even a little bit of interest in you, grab that opportunity and run,very fast !!

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