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Lover of all things encouraging and a naturalista with a zero tolerance for keratin. Hyper about DIY projects, recycling art and handmade crafts. Deadlines not withstanding, I love to give what I am writing about time before deciding what words best represent it.

Miss World Kenya Roshanara Ebrahim Dethroned as Evelyn Njambi is Crowned the New Beauty Queen

Miss World Kenya 2016 dethroned

After vigorous training and preparation, Roshanara Ebrahim was crowned the Miss World Kenya 2016. This would see her reign for a year and represent the country in both local and international events. She would also represent Kenya in the 66th edition of Miss World pageant to be held in Washington, …

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Itchy Rash on Back of Neck and Leg Causes and Treatments

Itchy rash on back

When there is a noticeable change in skin texture and color, a rash is said to have occurred. This may take the appearance of a bumpy or scaly and irritated skin. The causes for an itchy are numerous. Worse is when this kind of condition affects hard to reach places …

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How to Get Fiberglass Out of Skin

how to get fiberglass out of skin with tweezers

Fiber glass consists of extremely fine glass filaments woven into plastic or fabric materials for reinforcement. The fiberglass particles are rod shaped and usually three times longer than their width. As such, their shape makes fiberglass slivers easy to penetrate the skin but hard to remove. Once they are embed …

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Swollen Roof of Mouth Near Teeth, While Eating, Causes and Treatments

swollen roof of mouth

The roof of the mouth is made of the soft and hard palate. While the hard palate is made up of a flat bony parcel, the soft palate is made up of soft tissue. These are thin and delicate which makes it sensitive and quite susceptible to damage. As a …

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How to Save Cash on Clothes

Save money on clothes

Buying clothes is fun but can get expensive. In addition, if not well planned for, it can cause dents in the pockets due to impulse buying, buying unnecessary items as well as spending on clothes that are not necessary. To curb this, here are some tips on how to spend …

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Here is who Irvin Randle aka #MrStealYourGrandmother is

Irvin Randle

The past few days have seen photos of Irvan Randle go viral. At a glance, this man appears is a mature and fit grandpa who also happens to be stylish to the core. These images have been accompanied by witty comments with the internet wanting more and more of his …

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How to Stop Itching after Shaving Legs, Pubes, Face, Chest and Armpits

How to stop itching after shaving

Body hair removal is a necessary part of basic grooming. Shaving various parts of the body is common due to the ease of the process, convenience of doing it yourself as well as being economical. Despite all these advantages, if done wrong, itching after shaving is imminent. This can be …

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Swollen Itchy Hands Causes during Pregnancy, at Night, after Exercise and Home Remedy Relief

Swollen itchy hands from an insect sting

Anything affecting the hands may become pretty uncomfortable and inconvenient. This is because hands are involved in a lot of things we undertake through our daily routines. Swollen itchy hands will be present and felt most on the fingers although the palms could also be itchy too. The swelling and …

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Extreme Sunburn Itch Relief Natural Home Remedies, Topical OTC and Prescription Treatments

Sunburn itch relief

Itching is a normal part of a sunburn’s healing process. The extent of the itch varies and while some suffer a moderate itch that can be easily contained, there are those that suffer extreme sunburn itch commonly referred to as hell’s itch. To help get rid of this and protect …

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