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Lover of all things encouraging and a naturalista with a zero tolerance for keratin. Hyper about DIY projects, recycling art and handmade crafts. Deadlines not withstanding, I love to give what I am writing about time before deciding what words best represent it.

Can you Get Rid of Freckles? How to get Rid of Freckles Fast

How to get rid of freckles fast before and after

Before we explore how to get rid of freckles fast, let us find out what they are. Freckles are flat tanned spots that develop on the skin after consecutive exposure to sunlight. They are most common on the nose, cheeks, shoulders and arms. They are most common in people with …

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Dirtiest Items in Your Home you Rarely Think of Cleaning

Dirtiest items in your home

It would seem obvious that the toilet bowl is the dirtiest spot in the house, right? Wrong! The toilet is used regularly and is most of the times given the attention it deserves during daily cleaning routines. This is unlike other items that are used regularly but barely get cleaned. …

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Desmond Tutu’s Reverend Daughter Loses Church License after Marrying Female Partner

Mpho Tutu Lesbian marriage

Desmond Tutu’s daughter, Mpho Tutu- Van Furth has had her religious duties stripped away after marrying her partner, Marceline Tutu-van Furth. South Africa’s Anglican church did this amid public outrage following her marriage to her long time partner. Since the church does not recognize gay marriage, Mpho has handed back …

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Rash on Inner Thigh during Pregnancy Causes, Female Near Groin Area, Male, Itchy, Red, not Itchy, Natural and Home Remedies

Rash on inner thigh

Skin rash involves lesions on the surface which may be red, itchy and inflamed. While these can affect any part of the body, a rash on inner thigh carries a lot of significance since if it escalates it could see your walking affected. In severe cases, it could make handling …

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WHO Confirms Zika Virus Strain from Brazil in Africa

Zika Virus in Africa

In a statement released on 20th May, 2016, the World Health Organisation has indicated that tests show an outbreak of Zika virus in Cape Verde. The virus is said to be of the same strain as the one responsible for causing birth abnormalities in Brazil. According to WHO’s Africa director, …

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Armpit Chafing while Swimming and Running, Causes, Remedies, Prevention

Armpit Chafing

Have you been experiencing armpit chafing and have no idea what is causing it? Below we explore the possible causes, how you can protect your underarm skin from chafing as well as treatment options for armpit chafing while swimming, running or from the clothes you wear. Armpit Chafing The armpits …

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Overgrown Cuticles Symptoms, Causes, Home Remedies, Removal Products and Prevention Tips

Overgrown Cuticles

A nail cuticle is the thick skin that joins the nail plate and the nail fold. It is responsible for making the area water proof and protecting nails from harmful bacteria. While overgrown cuticles are mostly an aesthetic concern, if left unattended they could lead to other nail problems. This …

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Bedbugs Repulsed by These Two Colors

Bed bugs attracted to these colors

Although tiny, bed bugs are such a menace and can make your house uninhabitable. These blood sucking bugs love hiding in places with fabrics as well as in wood as opposed to metal and plastics. This explains why they love to hide in the seams of the mattress or the …

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