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Lover of all things encouraging and a naturalista with a zero tolerance for keratin. Hyper about DIY projects, recycling art and handmade crafts. Deadlines not withstanding, I love to give what I am writing about time before deciding what words best represent it.

How to Avoid Being Broke in the New Year

broke in January

After December comes January which for most people tends to be Njaanuary. To many, the month seems to have more days than any month. It is a month in which financial difficulties are also severe. This can be attributed to the fact that there are the normal bills to be …

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The Only Thing Dumber than the Kardashian Clothes is People who Buy them

Kanye West Yeezy Season 2

While it may seem like a lot of people are fans of the Kardashians, not everyone is. Tim Gunn has always been vocal and honest about his dislike for the family and those around them. While speaking to the New York daily, the fashion consultant and television personality did not …

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