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Be Warned, This Is How Conmen Are Using Sympathy to Rob You without Violence!

Conmanship is an art that many Nairobi residents have learnt to live with. Many have been victims of such incidents or have witnessed them.

From pranking a mobile phone user that they have won in a competition they did not take part in to selling dead phones to unsuspecting  buyers, conmen have now turned to faking illness and deaths so as to rob you of your money with no violence!

In the recent past an incident of that same nature surfaced. One Wanjau Alehandro went online to seek help for ‘his’ daughter baby Fidelis, who was seriously ailing from frontal bone defect. Due to sympathy, social media users took up his call and helped him raise a total 2.8Million only for it to turn out that it was all conmanship at its best!

Just yesterday another form of conmanship was revealed. Individuals now go as far as using pictures of the departed, to rally for harambees, and what was even more disturbing is that the picture on the medical aid plea was extracted from the obituaries section on a newspaper and put on another newspaper, and in this case for medical aid.Here are the photos to prove what am talking about:

be warned

Such incidents are gradually turning Kenyans of goodwill to mean people because they are unable to differentiate from a sincere need and a conman’s trap!

All in all it’s a cruel world look out for yourself!


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