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Bedbugs Repulsed by These Two Colors

Although tiny, bed bugs are such a menace and can make your house uninhabitable. These blood sucking bugs love hiding in places with fabrics as well as in wood as opposed to metal and plastics. This explains why they love to hide in the seams of the mattress or the joint in your bed frame.

In a study aimed at finding out if color had any bearing on the dwelling of bedbugs, it has been established that they may have a preference for certain colors.


According to scientists, in a study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, the insects love red and black but hate green and yellow. The scientists think that their love for color red is due to the fact that blood is red. On the other hand, they may not like the brightness in green and yellow as it may be a reminder of well-lit areas which happen to be unsafe for them.

Although the researchers say that it is still too early to conclude if using yellow sheets could stop the bugs from camping in your bed, the findings make the concept worth trying. The information is expected to be used in trapping and catching the bugs better through colors that are likely to lure them to baits.

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