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Peeling Fingernails: Meaning, Causes and How to Stop Nails from Peeling and Splitting

Peeling Fingernails

We use the hands for most of our day-to-day activities and as a result, they are in constant contact with harsh substances and environments. These often aggravate the fingernails and cause them to peel off in layers, break, split, etc. depending on the underlying causes, peeling fingernails may be accompanied …

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Dry Skin around Nose: Causes, Prevention and How to Get Rid of Dry Nose Skin


Any part of the skin can get dry but when the nose area is involved, the problem becomes particularly noticeable – and often disturbing. Dry skin is also often accompanied by peeling and sometimes itching which can make you pretty uncomfortable. This article examines various causes of dry skin around …

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DIY Strawberry Teeth Whitening Remedies


Stained, yellow teeth can ruin the best of lipstick swipe. Unfortunately professional dental procedures and commercial teeth whitening products are usually expensive. This has prompted a continued search for alternative natural remedies for teeth whitening. Of these, strawberries are widely talked about but can you really whiten teeth with strawberries? …

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Pale Nails: Causes and Treatment of White Nail Beds

pale nails

For most people, nails that look unsightly or veer from their “normal” look mean one thing: it is time to get a manicure. Paying close attention to the appearance of your nails can however divulge more than just that; it can say a lot about your health. Pale nails in …

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Dry Cuticles: Causes, Prevention, and How to Get Rid of Them.

Dry Cuticles

Like the rest of the skin, cuticles can get dry and suffer from other related problems such as peeling, flaking, and itching among others. Unfortunately, most people pay a lot of attention to the nails but neglect their cuticles until it is too late and they have become dry or …

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Damaged Cuticles: Causes and How to Repair Bad Cuticles

damaged cuticles

Damaged cuticles on fingernails or toenails are not only ugly but also put you at risk of infection (paronychia). Nail cuticle damage is associated with problems such as peeling, cracking, splitting (torn cuticles) and hangnails not to mention nail discoloration. Below we discuss not only the possible causes of bad …

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Overgrown Cuticles Symptoms, Causes, Home Remedies, Removal Products and Prevention Tips

Overgrown Cuticles

A nail cuticle is the thick skin that joins the nail plate and the nail fold. It is responsible for making the area water proof and protecting nails from harmful bacteria. While overgrown cuticles are mostly an aesthetic concern, if left unattended they could lead to other nail problems. This …

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Split Toenail: Causes, on Pinky Toenail, and Repair Remedies

split toenail

Splitting toenails and fingernails ranks among the concerns most commonly presented to dermatologists with the big toe being a common trouble spot. It affects both genders but tends to be more commonly reported among women and the elderly. Now, how do you fix split toenails and keep them from splitting …

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How to Get Rid of Bunions Naturally without Surgery – Home Remedies for Bunions Removal

How to get rid of bunions naturally

When left to grow, bunions can get uncomfortable. The best time to deal with them is as soon as they start forming. This will eliminate the need for surgical removal in the future. Below we discuss how to get rid of bunions naturally on toes, without surgery and through exercises. …

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Flaking Nails: Causes and Treatments to Get Rid of Flaky Nails

flaking nail

Whether flaking at the tips, across the entire surface, or in layers, one thing remains true: flaking nails do no justice to your appearance. In addition to making your nails look uncared for, the condition is usually associated with slow nail growth and tendency to break easily. Below we seek …

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