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Pale Nails: Causes and Treatment of White Nail Beds

pale nails

For most people, nails that look unsightly or veer from their “normal” look mean one thing: it is time to get a manicure. Paying close attention to the appearance of your nails can however divulge more than just that; it can say a lot about your health. Pale nails in …

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How to Relieve Menstrual Cramps, Fast, Naturally, Home Remedies

How to Relieve Menstrual Cramps

Looking for how to relieve menstrual cramps fast? Painful menses affects many women. For a number of women though, period pain hinders normal activities for a number of days during each menstrual cycle. According to tacoma.uw.edu, menstrual cramps is the leading cause of lost time from work and school among …

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Damaged Cuticles: Causes and How to Repair Bad Cuticles

damaged cuticles

Damaged cuticles on fingernails or toenails are not only ugly but also put you at risk of infection (paronychia). Nail cuticle damage is associated with problems such as peeling, cracking, splitting (torn cuticles) and hangnails not to mention nail discoloration. Below we discuss not only the possible causes of bad …

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C-Section Recovery Tips

C section delivery can be a hard reality for some women. The recovery period can be even more challenging for a mother. Societal expectations and high newborn demands may turn the rather joyful moment to periods of sadness, anger and depression. This is however no time to whine and wish …

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How to Stop Nose Bleeds, Fast at Home

How to Stop Nose Bleeds

Understanding how to stop nose bleeds can save you many trips to the ER. While most people usually have an idea on potential triggers, nose bleeding can be dramatic and frightening. Nose bleeds are more common in dry cold months. Nose bleeding can occur at any age but children below …

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Split Toenail: Causes, on Pinky Toenail, and Repair Remedies

split toenail

Splitting toenails and fingernails ranks among the concerns most commonly presented to dermatologists with the big toe being a common trouble spot. It affects both genders but tends to be more commonly reported among women and the elderly. Now, how do you fix split toenails and keep them from splitting …

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How to Get Rid of Bunions Naturally without Surgery – Home Remedies for Bunions Removal

How to get rid of bunions naturally

When left to grow, bunions can get uncomfortable. The best time to deal with them is as soon as they start forming. This will eliminate the need for surgical removal in the future. Below we discuss how to get rid of bunions naturally on toes, without surgery and through exercises. …

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Flaking Nails: Causes and Treatments to Get Rid of Flaky Nails

flaking nail

Whether flaking at the tips, across the entire surface, or in layers, one thing remains true: flaking nails do no justice to your appearance. In addition to making your nails look uncared for, the condition is usually associated with slow nail growth and tendency to break easily. Below we seek …

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How to Get Rid of Motion Sickness Naturally, after a Ride or Cruise, on a Boat or Bus and Permanently

How to get rid of motion sickness vomiting

Traveling can be a nightmare for persons suffering motion sickness. This does not have to be the case though as there are different methods on how to get rid of motion sickness that can help. They include making simple changes on what you eat, where you sit in the car …

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