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Red Elbows Causes, Home Remedies, and Medical Treatments

red elbow

Are you wondering, “Why are my elbows red?” Don’t fret. It is not necessarily a health concern. What is more, most cases of red elbows can be effectively treated and managed at home. Continue reading to find out not only the causes of elbow rash but also various home remedies …

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Underarm Cyst Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Infection and Home Remedies

Underarm cyst

Do you have a lump in the armpit and are not certain what it is? In this post, learn what an underarm cyst is, its symptoms, causes and treatments. Also discussed are sebaceous cysts, infection on armpit cysts as well as home remedies to treat them at home. Underarm Cyst …

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How to De-stress your Body and Mind Fast, after Work, at Home and before Bed

how to de-stress

Modern life is fast paced and people are continually finding themselves in stressful situations. These can be triggered by work, relationships, overwhelming family responsibilities, and health issues among others. To keep your sanity intact and prevent the stressful situations from escalating into depression, try the following methods on how to …

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Sore Cuticles: Causes, Meaning, Treatment and Home Remedies for Cuticle Pain.

Sore Cuticle_Paronychia

The cuticles may appear tough, but they are just as prone to damage as the rest of the skin. Biting the fingernails or toenails and exposing them to irritants can cause infection that culminate in intense cuticle pain and swelling. Continue reading to learn more about sore cuticles. What Does …

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How to get Rid of Cystic Acne and Scars Naturally, Fast, Home and Medical Treatments

how to get rid of cystic acne before and after

Below we explore various methods on how to get rid of cystic acne and resulting scars using medical treatments, at home natural treatments as well as overnight and fast remedies. these are appropriate for use on cystic acne found on the neck, chest, jawline, chin, nose and back. Acne occur …

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How to Get Rid of Rough Elbows and Avoid Common Causes

rough elbows

It is not uncommon for people, especially women, to express concern about their having perfectly soft and supple skin on the face and the rest of the body, but leathery rough elbows (sometimes dirty-looking). Some may even find it hard to expose their elbows for the same reason. Continue reading …

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Cracked Cuticles Causes and How to Fix Them at Home

cracked cuticles

My cuticles are dry and cracked. Sounds familiar? Don’t fret. Although split cuticles are the exact opposite of “pretty nails” and are often painful, not to mention that they make you susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections (fungus growth then causes yellow discoloration) especially if bleeding, you can take control …

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Body Odor Remedies, Natural Cures and Home Treatment

body odor remedies

Body odor can be embarrassing whether it is a grown up or a child experiencing it. Knowing how to eliminate body odor as well as prevent it from reoccurring can go a long way in making you comfortable. Below we discuss various body odor remedies including home remedies such as …

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Swollen Lip in the Morning, for No Reason Treatment and Home Remedies

Swollen lip

The engorgement of a swollen lip is hard to hide. The visibility of the swelling gives your face a distorted look which is mostly of cosmetic concern. We explore the swollen lip causes, infection, treatment and home remedies. Also learn why you may be experiencing a swollen lip with no …

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Weak Fingernails Causes, Meaning, How to Fix (Home Treatment)

weak fingernails

Are you concerned about paper thin, weak fingernails and associated symptoms such as hair loss? Your diet (nutrition) could be to blame but beyond dietary deficiency of minerals and vitamins, there are other causes of weak, peeling fingernails – sometimes with ridges – ranging from benign to more serious. Continue …

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