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How to Soothe a Burnt Tongue Pain Fast

How to soothe a burnt tongue

A burnt tongue can be painful. Whether it is attained from consuming hot food, coffee or chocolate, it is hard dealing with scalds in the mouth. We explore various options on how to soothe a burnt tongue fast, how to relieve the pain as well as taking care of a …

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Home Remedies for Sweaty Feet and Odor – How to Get Rid of Sweaty Feet Naturally

sweaty feet

Excessively Sweaty feet can make you feel uncomfortable, especially when they make your feet slip around inside your shoes but the real problem is the foot odor often caused by bacterial action due to excessively sweating feet. Are you wondering what to do for sweaty feet? Then you are in …

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Of Public Hospitals and Negligent Doctors

Stories of Doctors failing to attend to patients in public hospitals for selfish reasons is not news  to a common  Mwananchi as we have either experienced it or witness it occur to someone. Such an incident occurred yesterday evening at the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa County. Good Samaritans who …

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How to Get Rid of Onion Breath Fast, at Work and Instantly

How to get rid of onion breath

While enjoying a sumptuous meal containing raw onions may be fulfilling, the lingering breath is most of the times a bother. We explore various home remedies options on how to get rid of onion breath quickly as well as some remedies you can use at work. Onions contain sulfuric compounds …

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World Kidney Day 2016 Targets Children

World Kidney Day theme and logo

The World Kidney Day is an awareness campaign conducted globally with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of kidneys and the need to keep them healthy. The World Kidney Day was established in 2006 and is commemorated around the globe on the second Thursday of March every year. …

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Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones Pain, Removal without Surgery, Pass and Dissolve Kidney Stones Naturally

Natural remedies for kidney stones

If not treated, kidney stones could become painful. However, if intervention is done on time, it will be possible to pass and dissolve them without surgery. Below we discuss simple natural remedies for kidney stones that you can use at home to get rid of the stones naturally. Natural Remedies …

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Natural Remedies for Dental Plaque and Tartar Removal at Home – How to Remove Plaque from Teeth Yourself Naturally

plaque and tartar (calculus)

Having dental plaque and tartar (calculus) equals to ruined smile but as though that is not bad enough, it also makes your gum and teeth susceptible gum disease and decay respectively. Luckily you can remove plaque and reduce tartar formation on teeth naturally with easily available and easy to use …

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Spoon Nails – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment of Concave (Scoop) Nails

Spoon Nail Image/Photo

The physical appearance of your fingernails say a lot about your health and may be a sign of an underlying medical condition or injury to the fingernail. Koilonychia, Spoon nails, or concave nails is often attributed to iron deficiency anemia but it may be a symptom of other medical conditions. …

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Sebaceous Cyst Home Treatment on Face, Scalp and Back

Sebaceous cyst home treatment on face

While it does not pose any health risk, sebaceous cysts can be stubbornly conspicuous. To help you get rid of them, we discus various sebaceous cyst home treatment options applicable on the face, scalp and back, ear, labia and scrotum. These include home remedies such as vinegar, tea tree, castor …

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Home Remedies for Foot Fungus Odor, Itch, Natural, Essential Oils

Home remedies for foot fungus

In this post, we examine easy to use home remedies for foot fungus including coconut essential oil, vinegar and baking soda natural remedies. We also explore the use of Listerine and vicks as well as ways through which to eliminate the odor and itching brought about by the infection. Fungal …

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