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Smelly Fridge Causes, How to Clean and Deodorize Fridge Odor

smelly fridge

Often times, it is possible to experience a smelly fridge despite how faithful we are at maintaining its cleanliness. This may come from incorrect storage, poor hygienic standards as well as going overboard with the leftovers. Other times, an accidental unplugging or power failure could see your refrigerator turn into …

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Children aged just SEVEN are sexting: Half of teachers have caught pupils exchanging explicit pictures and videos in class “Rotten World Huh!!”

Children as young as seven are sexting in class, it has emerged. More than half of teachers say they have caught pupils exchanging explicit pictures, messages and videos. A survey by the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers NASUWT  union found children aged at least 14 were the …

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How to Get Rid of Weevils in Pantry, Kitchen Cabinets, Food, Garden and House

How to get rid of weevils

This post explores various methods on how to get rid of weevils. We discuss the use of traps, natural options as well as some commercial products for eliminating weevils in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom and bedroom. Weevils are beetles. There are many of these species and they occur in various …

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Bodybuilding Stretch Marks: Causes, Prevention, How to Get Rid of Bodybuilder Stretch Marks

bodybuilding stretch marks

Can you get stretch marks from building muscles? Yes, body builders do get stretch marks when they gain muscles too fast. Although not a health concern, bodybuilding stretch marks are a cosmetic concern for most people. Find out what causes bodybuilders stretch marks and how you can get rid of them …

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Baking Soda and Lemon for Teeth Whitening

baking soda and lemon for teeth whitening

Have you ever wondered, “Does lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda whiten teeth”? Then continue reading to learn more about the effectiveness of both baking soda and lemon for teeth whitening and discover some of the medical counter-claims available. And if after reading them you still want to give this …

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How to Get Rid of Wasps Nests Naturally and Safely around the House, Outside and in the Garden

how to get rid of wasps nests

When wasps infest areas you regularly use, it becomes uncomfortable. To help ease this, we delve into various options on how to get rid of wasps and their nests naturally around the house, outside, in the garden and how to achieve all this safely. How to Get Rid Of Wasps …

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Natural Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome, Cure RLS at Home

Woman Sleeping

Being unable to sleep is already bad enough an experience, but a creep crawly sensation in your legs coupled with an overpowering desire to move them, thanks to restless leg syndrome or rls, can make things even worse. Wondering what helps restless leg syndrome naturally? We have got you covered …

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Itchy Roof of Mouth Causes, Infection, Rash, at Night, after Drinking, Allergies and Relief

roof of mouth

When one has an itchy roof of mouth, there is an irritating sensation on the palate that makes you want to scratch. This condition is common and appears as an accompanying symptom to a number of conditions as opposed to being a disease in itself. Itchy roof of mouth causes …

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Itchy Armpits no Rash Causes while Pregnant, Breast Feeding and Cancer

Itchy armpit no rash

The anatomy of the armpit is such that it is filled with a large number of blood vessels, lymph nodes, hair follicles and sweat glands. As a result, the area is always warm and damp. This can as a result cause irritation as well as fuel other causes of itchy …

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How to Get Rid Of Leg Cramps, Home Remedies to Treat Muscle Cramps

Whether they occur at night, after working out, or during pregnancy, leg muscle cramps are usually painful. They typically affect the calf muscles, but can occur in any part of the leg, including the feet and thighs. Read on how to get rid of leg cramps. What Causes Leg Cramps? …

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