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Bedbugs Repulsed by These Two Colors

Bed bugs attracted to these colors

Although tiny, bed bugs are such a menace and can make your house uninhabitable. These blood sucking bugs love hiding in places with fabrics as well as in wood as opposed to metal and plastics. This explains why they love to hide in the seams of the mattress or the …

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Ancient Massacre Site Discovered in Nataruk, West of Lake Turkana

Stone age massacre Kenya fossil of woman bound

According to a study published earlier on this week in the Nature International Weekly Journal, scientists have discovered what is believed to be a  stone age massacre site in Nataruk near Lake Turkana. The Cambridge University researchers observed that the scene was not a burial site but instead a massacre …

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Why 12 Perfectly Healthy Volunteers in Germany Have Been Paid Just To Stay In Bed for Weeks On End

:envihab laboratory, Germany

The :envihab laboratory at the German Space Agency in Cologne has contracted 12 perfectly healthy volunteers to lie in bed for 2 months for an experiment known as the “Bed Rest Study”. The experiment is designed to study the long term effects on the human body of the weightlessness associated …

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