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How to Get Fiberglass Out of Skin

how to get fiberglass out of skin with tweezers

Fiber glass consists of extremely fine glass filaments woven into plastic or fabric materials for reinforcement. The fiberglass particles are rod shaped and usually three times longer than their width. As such, their shape makes fiberglass slivers easy to penetrate the skin but hard to remove. Once they are embed …

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How to Get Rid Of Blocked Ears from Ear Wax, Water, or Cold Naturally at Home

how to get rid of blocked ears

Blocked or clogged ears can interfere with normal hearing not to mention cause earache, a muffled-sound sensation, a ringing sound, and dizziness. The first line of treatment for blocked ears is over the counter ear drops but before you go to that you may want to try numerous home remedies …

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You Will No Longer See Nudes As Well As Condoms, Betting, and Beer Ads on Billboards and TV, Thanks To New KFCB Regulations

Ezekiel Mutua

It is said sex sells. This has seen widespread “sexualization” of commercials for virtually everything, from soft drinks to food stuffs and soaps. Pictures of skimpily dressed women are everywhere you look, or so it seems. As the new big thing in Kenya, betting is also growing in popularity fast …

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Be Warned, This Is How Conmen Are Using Sympathy to Rob You without Violence!

Conmanship is an art that many Nairobi residents have learnt to live with. Many have been victims of such incidents or have witnessed them. From pranking a mobile phone user that they have won in a competition they did not take part in to selling dead phones to unsuspecting  buyers, …

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News Anchor Janet Mbugua Blasts Fan Over Negative Comment About Her Pregnancy

News anchor Janet Mbugua has shot down her ’haters’ after one of her followers mentioned that her baby bump display on social media was too much. A lady commented on a her photo mentioning that her pregnancy was not “for the whole world to see” The lady criticized the presenter …

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[VIDEO] Does Being a Cool Conductor Mean Being a Dare-Devil With a “Death Wish”

A conductor hanging on a moving vehicle

Apparently matatu business has a way of making people boisterous but some of the things they do make you flinch. It has become the norm for the so called conductors to run after a moving vehicle dance or perform some rather  disturbing moves all in the name of proving how …

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Daniel Ndambuki aka “Churchill” explains why he snubbed DP’S Call

Yesterday’s edition of the popular comedy programme on NTV,the unexpected  happened.The host Churchill,interrupted the show unusually to explain why he did not respond well to H.E the Vice President William Ruto’s call. The Vice President had sought to see him and had made it public during the Launch of Jaguar’s …

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Virginia TV Crew Murdered On Air: Reporter & Cameraman Shot During Live Interview.

  A reporter and a photographer were shockingly shot to death on live television during an Aug. 26 broadcast. The gunman opened fire on the two WDBJ employees while they conducted an interview in Moneta, Virginia. We are completely stunned by this horrible tragedy. Two members of a Virginia news crew are now …

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