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Chris Brown Says Drake’s Diss shows He’s Just ‘Jealous’ Of Romance With Karrueche Tran

If you thought that Chris Brown was going to let Drake‘s diss on his new track “Live From The Gutter” slide, you thought wrong.  After publicly calling the rapper out on Instagram for lying and using his and Karrueche Tran‘s high-profile relationship to get people talking about his music.

“Dudes are so jealous of Chris and for the first time in his life, he knows why: Everyone wants to have what he had,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Key word is had! Chris already had Karrueche – all of Karrueche! And now Drake and The Game both want her. Pathetic. Can’t these dudes be original like they claim to be in their music and get their own girl. Chris thinks they’re just second hand dudes who have no game or mouth piece to pull chicks. If it weren’t for the fact that Drake and Game are both famous rappers, they’d wouldn’t have women. Period. But Chris gets it: he gets the finest girl on the planet and all the dudes envy him for that.”


Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. According to our source, Breezy is still willing to take this feud a whole lot farther should Drake continue to diss him. “Getting women is a war Drake doesn’t want to engage in with Chris,” our source continued. “Chris just might swoop on in and take Serena [Williams] from him. Chris does have a tennis court in his backyard and he’s single too. He’d love to have some one on one private sessions with her, best believe!”

In case you need a refresher, the drama between these two was reignited after Drake released his new album with Future, in which he raps, “This for my n***as on that bulls**t and that nonsense, this for my dogs who go Karrueche with the chopsticks” on the track “Live From the Gutter.” In the verse, Drake appears to be bringing up all the guys who’ve been with Karrueche, and Chris — whose latest album you can buy here —  is obviously the most notable man from her past.  Within hours, Chris had taken to Instagram to post a photo of him and his daughter Royalty, 1, along with a message blasting the “Back and Forth” singer for “relying on hype to gain substance.” Ouch. Don’t expect this feud to cool any time soon!

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