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Donald Trump’s Funny Interview on ‘Tonight Show’ Throws Major Shade at Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump appeared on Monday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” during which the Republican presidential frontrunner talked about the Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, as well as answered questions during a mock job interview with the talk show host which turned out hilarious.

Think what you want about Donald Trump, but I think we can all agree that he’s pretty damn entertaining. The Republican presidential candidate not only did he do some typical Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders bashing, but he had a little fun doing a mock job interview with Jimmy, too.

After that, Fallon conducted a mock job interview with Trump, asking him first, “How did you hear about position?” That was followed by the talk-show host asking Trump to tell a little about himself. Trump noted that he’s “extraordinarily handsome,” has a “beautiful head of hair,” and has “always worked hard” and was a “good student.”

When questioned why he wants to be president during the job interview, Trump noted again how he would like to “make America great again.” He also said his “strengths” include “bringing people together,” whether it’s Democrats or Conservatives. As for his weaknesses, Trump said, “I never forget.” And when questioned whether he would be willing to relocate for the job, Trump answered, “I love the White House.”

See the video below.

When asked about Hillary, he said “She’s having a tough time,” before throwing shade at she and Bernie simultaneously. “She’s got some guy, he should be easy to beat. He really isn’t even a Democrat. He says he’s a socialist and I think he might be even a step beyond a socialist.” And then concluding with “I think she’ll win, I guess.”

He did turn the negative into a positive though, by explaining that a race between him and Hillary would be one of the “most interesting races” ever. He says he read that a race between them would bring out the most voters ever, “and that’s a good thing because people don’t vote that much in this country, so that would be an amazing thing if that happened.”

Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, will appear on “The Tonight Show” on Thursday.

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