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Empire’s Terrence Howard Broke and Depends on His Wife

Terrence Howard may play a kingpin and patriarch on television, but in real life, he depends on his wife to pay the bills.

In a bizarre interview with Rolling Stone, the Empire star reveals that his legal battle with ex-wife MichelleGhent has drained him of his cash and that his current wife, Mira Pak, is picking up the slack.

“You know, all my checks from Fox are being held for garnishment, because of my ex,” he says. “I’m broke as can be. But my wife, she did well for herself, so she’s covered us. This place, she’s renting it. I’m suffering. There’s nothing worse than being a broke movie star.”

But the plot thickens. Though he refers to Pak as his wife in the article, Howard recently admitted in court that they have been separated since August 2014 and that Pak filed for divorce earlier this year, citing irreconcilable differences. Still, talking to the Rolling Stone reporter, he says that he and Pak (who welcomed a son, Qirin, earlier this year) are very much together. “When you meet your one, it’s completely balanced,” he says. “I don’t have any greater authority than she does. It’s the only thing that really works.”

Money trouble isn’t the only thing that Howard got real about. He also admitted to hitting two women, including Ghent, that he was in a relationship with. Of a 2001 incident with his first wife, for which he was arrested, he says, “She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids. Her lawyer said it was a closed fist, but even slapping her was wrong.”

The second incident occurred with Ghent, during an attempt at reconciliation a couple of years ago. “She was trying to Mace me and you can’t see anything so all you can do is try to bat somebody away, and I think that something caught her. But I wasn’t trying to hit her,” he explains. There was a third incident, in 2005, involving a woman at a restaurant who accused him of cutting in line. That one, he says, was pure self defense.

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