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2016 Top 10 Makeup Trends

It is all about personality and personal preference, and usually we see one or two trends coming through which you might follow or you might not, but this year we have tons to choose from…

The Blue Eye

This is one of the biggest trends of 2016. You will definitely see a lot of blue eye-shadow, blue mascara and blue eyeliner this year. You don’t have to do a full blue eye-shadow look- you can pat just a little blue underneath the lash line like an under smoke. You can also just pop a blue liner or mascara, which is an amazing color because it brightens the eyes and makes them look whiter. So many options…the blue eye

The 90’s Liner

The morning after look is very much the craze, and this is inspired from the nineties. Eyeliner is something that a lot of people find tricky, and this is perfect for you if you are that person because it does not need to be perfect or neat. Just swipe the liner along the lash line, under the lash line, and in the water line. Then just smudge it with a cotton bud  or even your hand and blend it through.smudged eyeliner

The Boyish Brows

It’s the year of the big brows… Brows will always be the hype because they are like an instant eye-lift, they frame the face, they make you look more awake, and so much more. This year is all about none-perfect big brows… You can fill up your brows with the brows powder and brush them up for that more natural look instead of solid, especially the front of the brows up to give it a cool finish.cara-delevingne-full-eyebrows

The Modern Mermaid

It’s all about that luminous dewy skin this year. That healthy glowing skin without the greasy look to it or that obvious shimmer on the face. That may mean ditching the dry matte foundation for a more water based or luminous fluid foundation. Mostly, lots of highlighters for this one… And a glossy lip.marilyn

The Glitter

It is definitely one of the biggest trends this year… And you can wear it anyway you want. You can pat a bit on the center of the eye, the sides of the eye or you can do it as eyeliner.glitter

The Lip Debate

Two main colors have come through- nude and cherry red. You might love both or you might just love one of them, but it is pretty guaranteed you will love one of those. You can pick nude in the day, red in the night… Or nude at night with a heavy eye and red in the day with a fresh eye. Whatever you like.nude vs red lips

The Sunset Eyes / Stained Eyes

This look is not too heavy, it is for a more fresh look or a minimalist 90’s look. Go for pastel colors such a pastel orange, pink, purple… you can can also use a blusher for this because most blusher colors are pastel.sunset eye
The Color Block Eye

Channel did an extreme version of this where they did this color block mask.chanel You can use any color that you want and all you really need to do is square off your eye-shadow rather than blending it through and softening it. A hard angled brush instead of a fluffy one is required for this. It is a really cool look that requires confidence wearing it.color block

The Sun Stripping

This look aims at achieving that gorgeous sun kissed look like a bronzed goddess. Using a matte bronzer, take a flat foundation brush and starting at the top of your nose you just do a strip of bronzer over the nose onto the cheeks, and do the same on the other side. It defines your nose and your cheekbones, and gives you the glow on your cheeks like when you have been in the sun.bronzer for stripping

The Lash It Up!

There have been a lot different types of lash on the catwalk this season, from the big false lashes to lashes that were just in the center of the eyes… But for everyday wear to going out in the night, nothing beats amazing mascaraed lashes.maxresdefault (3)

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