Avril Reveals Why She is not MARRIED Yet,Her Parents Are No Joke!!

Avril Kenya

After word got out that popular Kenyan songstress Avril was engaged to a rich South African man, fans started questioning on their wedding plans.

Rumor later surfaced online that she was supposed to walk down the aisle mid this year but the curvaceous songstress has not given any indication that she is going to make things official with her rich South African man.

Avril and Fiance

Avril and Fiance








While speaking during an interview with Mambo Mseto host, Willy M Tuva, Avril revealed why she has delayed her wedding plans. According to the songstress, her parents are still conducting a back-ground check to know more about her foreign lover.This is how she responded after being asked about her wedding plans.

Mzazi Willy Tuva: Harusi lini?

Avril: Hahahaha… Next year. Next year. Tumejaribu kupanga vitu hapa na kule unajua most of the time harusi ni ya wazazi. So wazazi wakikubaliana, wakishaamua, wakishamaliza introduction zao yani kujuana. Of course kama wewe ni mzazi pia una watoto wakishafika ile miaka ya kupropose or so to speak lazima utafanya ile background check yako. Huwezi taka tu kumrusha mtoto wako kwa familia yotote. So bado kuna background checks zinafanyika.

Kudos to Avril’s parents’ for undertaking  their parental roles quite responsibly!