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Bare Butt Jeans Are Now A Thing

A new style of jeans has cracked into the fashion scene, but is it really a good thing? If you thought the millennials denim trends were as crazy as they were going to get, you were, sadly, wrong.Bare Butt Jeans Are Now A Thing

The Instagram-hoe-jeans are exactly what they sound like… They are jeans that show off your bare butt or whatever cute underwear you have on underneath.

Vetements, a French brand, topped them all with the introduction of their bare butt jeans. The showcased jeans had zippers down the back of the legs and along the center seam, allowing the wearer some extra breathing room for their bare derrière when unzipped.Bare Butt Jeans Are Now A Thing It got mixed responses. Nowadays, people seem wear clothes that have holes in them so large that it defeats the purpose of wearing clothes in the first place. I’m all for self expression, but there’s also something called decency.Bare Butt Jeans Are Now A Thing

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