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Classy vs Trashy- The Thin Line Between Sexy & Slutty

Classy is the act of being proper, or lady-like. It is a word that used to mean “stylish” or “elegant”, but after gross misuse by ignorant youth who think they are cool, it has come to mean absolutely nothing. It now, mostly, merely serves the purpose to annoy the sane people of the world. However, real class is having morals; polite, kind, sweet, not crude… And being in control or ‘the keeper’, to which a real man can always tell between a classy woman to a trashy one. A classy woman is a genuine, feminine and high quality lady who holds herself and thinks of herself highly regardless of what life circumstances may present, and despite what other people may think.classy

Trashy on the other hand, is a person who lacks class. Trashy people exist among all races and socioeconomic levels. They lack meaningful goals and purpose in life. Due to low self-esteem and insecurity, trashy people attempt to overcompensate and “try too hard”. Examples are wearing excessive amounts of make-up, wearing provocative clothing (whether they’re in shape or not), getting drunk and behaving obnoxiously in clubs and bars, starting fights in public, making derogatory statements, promiscuity, and talking loudly in profane and explicit language publicly. Although they may think they’re cool, most other people find them obnoxious, stinky, immature, irresponsible, and unattractive.trashytrashyTrashy women think their bodies are much better than they really are and display a lot of skin. Deep down they know they are trashy and overcompensate by wearing gaudy skimpy clothes, usually too tight to draw attention to themselves (tattoos can also be part of this) and are loud, boastful and have foul mouths in an effort to also draw attention to themselves and sound tough. Because they are insecure, trashy people tend to follow the latest trends, no matter how stupid because they want to be accepted. Trashy women have sex frequently and unscrupulously for power and attention.classy vs trashy

  • Classy women are reserved and collected; trashy women are loud and transparent with what they want.
  • Classy women look elegant when wearing sexy clothes, they show some skin but not too much; while trashy women look like they may not even be wearing anything and show all their body parts.Classy
  • Classy’s makeup is minimal and looks chic and graceful, while trashy’s wear very thick makeup to attract and distract people around them.
  • Classy’s create attention without putting much effort, while trashy’s put lots of effort in getting attention.
  • Classy’s are composed and think before they do anything. Trashy’s are loud and transparent.

New research has shown that far from being  fans of revealing clothes, men prefer women like the Duchess of Cambridge who plump for feminine, demure styles. More men preferred to approach women who were wearing reserved and classy attire rather than a revealing outfit. So If your not a whore, why dress like one?Duchess of Cambridge

Tips For Looking Classy Not Trashy:

  1. Focus on one asset at a time. If you show a lot on top, cover up more on bottom and vice versa. Say if your in a really tiny skirt or dress, wear something with sleeves, something high up on the neckline. Often times, cut outs or skimpy tank tops worn with short skirts are the hallmarks of skanks and tramps. If your wear something more ornate, sheer or see through on top, always remember to wear something that is longer on the bottom. Pair a crop top with a skirt/ pants with a high waist. Do not be too revealing all the time, try to leave some things up to the imagination. If what you are looking for is to date and attract men, you can do it better by simply showing a nice silhouette of your figure and not all the skin that goes with it. trashy vs classy
  2. Buy  clothes that are your size and body type. Use a tailor to fit your proportions if need be. Spending a lot of money does not always mean your going to look good. Wear underwear. And yes, showing off that great pair of legs is wonderful, what we do not need to see is what color your thong or undergarments are when you bend down or simply sit down. Pantyhose are always a good accessory. They give a smoother look to your legs and cover up a little more of what you should not be exposing. Also if your bra straps must show, avoid those transparent straps, make the straps match the color of your clothes.
    ratchet trashy
  3. Modest makeup. Our makeup, just as our clothing, says a lot about us. Remember, not only is there a day look and an evening look but there is also a “situation” look. Before applying makeup think about where you are headed to. If you are going to meet that special someone for lunch there is no need to look dramatic. The fake eye lashes, heavy blue or green eye shadows, and dark lipsticks can stay at home. Rather try going with a natural look; soft foundation, soft blush, tinted lip gloss, a little eye pencil (but only on the top portion of the eye) and some mascara and you are ready to go. If it’s a night date or you are headed to a club then you can go a bit more dramatic but you still want to keep it on the low. If you do decide to use fake eyelashes or the heavier colored tints for makeup make sure they still look natural and go good with your skin tone. Remember makeup is there to enhance your look not to give you a complete change as to who you are. Less is better.
  4. A great pair of heels (that you can walk in) always gives a great boost of confidence and looks very sexy. However, if you do not know how to walk in heels do not wear them (a wedge heel is also a great option). It does look trashy and unattractive. To stay away from trashy territory- pair your heels with something more classy and again, focus on one asset at a time.blake-lively
  5. Modest accessories. Sparkles are a great asset in a woman’s wardrobe, but you want to be careful your not wearing too much that you look like a Christmas tree or a disco ball.
  6. Comfort: There is something very hot about a woman who is comfortable in everyday basics. Jeans and a white t-shirt can be as sexy as a short mini-skirt. You can style it up with belts, accessories, and that perfect shade of red lipstick. Effortless, comfortable and approachable.megan fox
  7. Basic classics. Invest in a trench coat that is great and you can wear it all day, into the evening. Also invest in a cocktail dress you can wear under a cardigan if it is casual or you can dress it up with lots of jewelry and a high heel. And a pair of nice expensive jeans you can wear often than six pairs of skanky poor quality jeans that will fray and make you look frumpy.trench coat
  8. Good posture– this is so important is because it affects how others perceive you a lot more than you could imagine. If a woman holds herself highly, she usually has great posture and people are drawn to this.tumblr_mi4pk9YvxE1s03ysno1_500
  9. Maintain your cool. There are, of course, situations in which a woman will feel and seem crazy, needs to raise her voice and get angry and that is fine. However it is important to have the mindset that allows you to move forward and not damage things with people unnecessarily, because of your need to feel better and significant in a moment.
  10. Do not hook-up in public.  Making out can be okay if it is done in good taste, when those hands start roving, it is time to get a room. The classiest approach is to save it until after the party. This is not high school, you do not have to get home before your curfew. You are trashy if you hook up in the middle of the party where people must walk by to get to the keg or the bathroom.superthumb (1)

Be the girl that projects “‘You know you want it’, without saying ‘come and get it'”. Opting for a classy look will always be sexier than looking like you desperately want to be featured in the next Girls Gone Wild video. If attention is what you seek, wearing a skimpy outfit will no doubt get you noticed. A few heads will turn, perhaps some whistling will be thrown your way, and you might even get a free drink from the (creepy) guy eyeing you across the bar. Despite this, slutty dressing in a red and black lace-up corset, light denim booty shorts that are two sizes too small, and a pair of 10 inch red stilettos you can barely walk in will never be sexier than wearing something classy that accentuates your best features without necessarily exposing them.classy vs trashy
edb91c3938ae184d601cc5c2ad4a4e86With that, you will not have the misunderstanding such as some women as to what exactly constitutes sex appeal, and under the impression that shorter, tighter and flashier are synonymous with sexy. No more long live Instagram and my sexiest picture or how many likes I have my Facebook page including comments from absolute strangers in regards to how erotic/ridiculous you look….slutty

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