Ex-Tukuza Co-host Kendi Launches a Telephony Counselling Service in the Wake of Rising Cases of Crises in Modern Life.


She hosted the Tukuza Show a while ago alongside DJ Krowbar and Antony Ndiema.Kendi Ashitiva, a wife and mother is passionate about relationships and the welfare of others in general.

The service dubbed ‘Niskize’ is meant to help individuals who are going through different crises in life but are afraid to open up and seek help because of their status in the society.

Since Niskize is over the phone, anonymity is guaranteed to the caller yet one is able to get the much needed services of counselling.

Issues like gayism, suicide,masturbation,violence in relationships etc.… can be dealt with once you contact  the call centre through 0900 620 800.The rates are Ksh.07 per minute and it runs 24hrs.

So proud of my friend @kendi_ashitiva… transforming lives through #Niskize.

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The timing of this service is quite timely especially because as a nation we have witnessed rising cases of violent relationships, student unrest,Drug abuse and rape that could help both the victims or third parties adjust to their new lifestyle or totally salvage some situations.

We are wishing her the best in this and hopes it helps change the sad situation our society is in.