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How To Correctly Apply Glitter Nail Polish

Sparkling glitter nails are a rage right now and is a great go-to for any event, whether you need to fix a chipped polish, it equals instant glamour! It has become the trademark look of striking the perfect balance between elegant and contemporary, yet is so easy to achieve. However, it’s hard to get an even amount on each nail and after layering polish it takes forever to dry. The good news is there’s an easy and fast way to apply glitter nail polish for full coverage, so it looks like it does on the bottle, with 100% opacity.How To Correctly Apply Glitter Nail Polish

The first step is to start with a clear coat of nail polish, base coat, or just one thin coat of glitter to make the nail a little bit sticky.How To Correctly Apply Glitter Nail Polish

Secondly, take a makeup or cosmetic sponge and this will absorb excess jelly leaving more glitter goodness behind. Apply the glitter nail polish onto the sponge, and dab it on your nail. It should come out in a thick coat of glitter on the first try, forget about applying lots of coats, now it will take even less time to get ready for your next event!How To Correctly Apply Glitter Nail Polish

Add on a top coat for extra shine if you wish, and go out into the world and blind some people.How To Correctly Apply Glitter Nail Polish

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  1. I made so much mess before I learn how to apply glitter polish. This violet OPI is simply amazing.

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