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How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Who doesn’t want their manicure, which you spent so much time doing, last for at least a week… Well, unless you have a lot of time on your hands. With these nail hacks and tips, your nail polish will last a lot longer without any peeling off or chipping.

1. Don’t use cuticle oil or lotion before you paint your nails

While it is always sung just how important it is to moisturize your nails as often as possible, moisturizing your nail plate before painting them is going to make it softer and consequently harder for the nail polish to adhere.

2. Use a nail dehydrator

Even if you haven’t put cuticle oil or lotion prior to a manicure and you are still getting nail chips, you may just have an oily nail plate. Applying a nail dehydrator, isopropyl alcohol, acetone or nail polish remover to your nail plate dries out any moisture or oils and helps the nail polish stick better. How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

3. Use a base coat

As underrated as it is, base coat keeps your nails from staining, strengthens it, and most importantly- acts as a glue for the nail polish to stick to your nail. It offers an extra layer on your nail that keeps it from breaking and makes it a bit thicker.

4. Use a top coat

How To Make Your Nail Polish Last LongerMore than just keeping your manicure shiny, a top coat acts as a seal. Ensure to swipe the top coat along the edges, this wraps your tips and keeps your polish from peeling. Add another top coat a few days later to maintain the seal.

5. Remove cuticles

Push back cuticles, the dead skin on the nail, because nail polish wont stick to them. This ensures that your nail polish lasts longer.

6. Leave a gap between the nail polish and skin

eponychium (often incorrectly called the cuticle).Nail polish that is too close to your skin it may peel off easier. This techniques further offers a space to lay the top coat beyond nail polish line towards eponychium (often incorrectly called the cuticle). Receding the top coat past the nail color just towards the eponychium creates a seal around the nail polish and makes it less likely to start chipping up around the cuticles.eponychium

7. Wrap your tips

Wrap your tips in all the layers of your manicure- from the base coat, nail polish to the top coat. This means capping or swiping the nail polish and top coat along the edges of your nail; it creates a seal to keep nail polish from peeling.

manicure tip for wrapping the nail edge with nail polish to extend wear

8. Don’t use your nails as tools

Lastly, don’t open cans and such with your nails which will make your polish chip. Try to do household chores like the dishes with gloves, because when water gets between your nail polish and nail plate it will make the two separate. How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

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  1. I often hear excuses for not wearing gloves: It’s difficult, I’m dropping dishes, it’s getting on my nerves. Well, ladies, get used to wearing gloves because not only your manicure will suffer but also your skin will look old.

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