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Irrefutable & Scientific Proof Michelle Obama Is Indeed A Man…

From documents that have surfaced proving that Michelle Obama never gave birth to Malia and Sasha, testimonies of men publicly coming out as Obama’s gay ex-lovers like Larry Sinclair, to Obama being caught on video calling Michelle ‘Michael’ by accident; it is not the first we’ve heard of such, celebrities such as Serena Williams and Jennifer Aniston have been subject to such conspiracies. However, an irrefutable research examined Michelle’s male hands, shoulders, torso, genitalia- overall male physical proportions. It further looked at how her carefully designed wardrobe, a wide hairdo, a persistent facially distorting smile, and carefully selected press photos have all succeeded in suppressing this revelation. This controversial information has been circulating over the years, and some researchers forwarded this scientific proof so that people can, apparently, stop living the lie being dished out by the U.S. Government and the mainstream media.

The research claims that many are unfamiliar with the subtle physical differences that can be found between men and women:

Proof Michelle Obama is a man For one, it has been long known in the scientific community that a man’s ring finger is typically longer than his index finger; while a woman’s ring finger and index finger tend to be about the same length. It is almost unheard of for a woman to have a visibly longer ring finger. However, even at a distance, Michelle Obama’s ring finger is noticeably longer than the index finger. Proof Michelle Obama is a man In the photo, below, the male trait of the prominent ring finger length is even more pronounced in Michelle than the husband.

Proof Michelle Obama is a man Secondly, the research focused on Michelle’s shoulders- which are surrounded by bulging muscles that appear very masculine. It claimed that her carefully tailored clothing usually hides the neck muscles, and the wild hair and dangling earrings purposely act as a distraction to pull the eye away from the shoulders. It further pointed out that Michelle’s shoulders often slouches forward to help add to the illusion of smaller, less masculine, shoulders.
Proof Michelle Obama is a man

Michelle Obama is a manThe research also pointed out that Michelle’s face may appear quite feminine, thanks to the very best make-up artists and hair stylists, but that she possess a manly facial structure which is evident when she frowns.Michelle Obama is a manYet another finding, men have more prominent brow features than women. Michelle’s eyebrows are generally painted on, in a way that wraps around the male skull bone that protrudes out at the eyebrows (a prominent male facial feature), and the painted eyebrows do not match the size of the brow bone.

Michelle Obama Painted Brows

In human anatomy, the body is naturally proportioned based on a ratio between overall body height and the size of a person’s head. On a woman’s body, the shoulder width is typically equivalent of 2 ½ times the width of her head… For example in the illustration below, which shows a woman’s shoulders are about two and a half times the width of her head.real woman shoulder proportion

On the other hand, a man’s shoulders are the equivalent of three times the width of his head. In the illustration below, the research proved Michelle is a man based on the width of the shoulders in relation to the width of the head… Her shoulder width, in relation to the size of the head, is not compatible with that of a woman.

michelle-shoulders-and-headMoreover, the research took a closer look at Michelle’s body proportions. In the illustration, below, the height of a typical healthy man is roughly eight times the height of his head; while the height of a typical healthy woman is roughly seven times the height of her head. This calculation revealed that Michelle stands at eight heads tall, her overall height is exactly 8 times the height of the head, proving that Michelle cannot possibly be a woman.

human_body_proportions__male_and_femaleMichelle Obama's heightThis research argued that Michelle wears dresses that are tight above the upper waist but then flare out at the hips, to create an optical illusion that the hips are wider than the shoulders. While men’s hips are smaller than their shoulders, a woman’s proportions tend to be the opposite. It also further argued she wears flat shoes, as opposed to high heels, because she stands at at five feet eleven inches tall and would tower over all women as well as men.
Michelle ObamaLet’s not forget the Adam’s apple, while the appearance of the Adam’s Apple can be diminished through surgery, it cannot be fully removed. The researchers were fully convinced you can clearly see Michelle’s Adam’s Apple.

Michelle Obama Adam Apple 0 jham_AdamsApple4_1Michelle and Obama's weddingAnother irrefutable proof was the male genitalia, revealed by a couple wardrobe malfunctions. There are certain undergarments to hide the male genitalia similar to a ‘Sports Cup,’ and surprising bulge revealing the contour of her form are seen in these photos.

Michelle Obama noticeable male genitalia Michelle's weenie
Michelle Obama Male Genitaliamichelles-weenieThis research thus concluded, while years of hormone replacement therapy may provide a touch of extra fat in certain areas, more feminine looking skin tone, and even change of voice, no amount of hormones or surgery can change those skeletal proportions of a man. The research also believes the children who accompany Barack and Michelle, play a part in the illusion.obamas-kids-ithink-not-obama-friends-and-supporters-martin-nesbittand michelle-obama-and-daughters
Michelle fake hairline


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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s just a conspiracy. I know my anatomy really well as a visual artist and despite her muscley man-arms everything else says she’s a woman. Including her hip to shoulder ratio. Despite having huge wide shoulders, she has even wider hips, just like her daughter who took after her body. If you want a good idea of what Michelle’s body looks like when not wearing a dress, look no further than her tallest daughter.

  2. Hello Sharona.
    I am from Brazil, a 63 y.o. woman, 1,58m, larger shoulders than my hips and my ring fingers are longer than the index ones. So, these anatomic aspects can not indicate I am not a woman. On the other hand… the Obama couple’s daugthers have a great resemblance to their parents: the oldest one is alike the mother – quite so much! – and the youngest is alike to the father.
    A suggestion: if you have interest to prove that person is a man, and not a woman, perhaps taking a look at women atlhets’ hands and shoulders would make you give up to include these anatomic aspects as “evidences”.

    Good luck!

  3. Àdams apple and crouch are proof!

    • you do realise that women have an adams apple to right?

      • LOL Wikipedia is your friend, look it up. Women do not have an Adam’s Apple, that is why it’s called an Adam’s Apple. Adam has it, not Eve. It is a thickening of cartilage that protects the larynx and contributes to the deepening of the male voice during puberty. Women do not have an Adam’s Apple. When men transition into women, they shave it off. Women have a larynx obviously, but there is no thickened area or pronounced bump.

        • Amyjo maybe not all women have an Adam’s apple but my girlfriend has a prominent one and she was born a woman

        • Your google skills suck. Try again, both men and women have an Adam’s apple. It is just more pronounced in men, therefor ”Adam’s”.

  4. Please tell me this is a joke hahaha

  5. Who ( or which news agency ) will eventually break this old truth to the massive public?

  6. Lovely website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am bookmarking your feeds also.

  7. Desmond Williamsburg

    I am am shock after going through all these readings about the first lady am studying about America in prophecy and that it’s the country prophecy talks much about if the first lady is really a man time will tell God have a way to reveal the most secret of things to those who love and trust him my mind is open to anything and I take nothing for granted I will not disregard what I have read or dis the first lady but as I say time will tell what is hidden from the wise and prudent my God will revealed it to the humble praying and those who have washed their robes in the blood of the lamb

  8. european masterrace

    sometimes i really believe… that americans are the biggest dickheads in the whole world. Not the best came from europe to conquer the new world. We send our scum…

  9. Dirty anti-democratic, pro-republican political propaganda horseshit.

  10. european masterrace
    You clear have plenty left over there that you have chosen as heads of state and the good people of your population are paying the price. Enjoy your self imposed terrorist and Sharia take over.

  11. It’s no secret that Photoshop can add and subtract whatever an individual might choose. Given the suggestion is that Michelle Obama is a man it wouldn’t be hard to create images that represent traits characteristic of a man. Though it is easy to see that one of the first images comparing the size of index and ring finger has been altered. The complete image shows hands more characteristic of a woman but the close-up of her hand shows an altered image with one finger shorter than the other. What is the benefit., why does it matter if she was a man or a woman.? Aren’t there bigger problems in the world.?

  12. To bring all of this brouhaha about Michelle Obama being gay to an end, we, probably should a request a medical examination of her genitalia, period!

  13. The finger length “evidence” is actually not true. There are a lot of scientific and serious studies you can read about this, but none of them indicate a typical “male” or “female” type of hand. That is simply false. Look it up yourself, especially the studies by Manning, or Martin, or Gillam, …….. 2D:4D ratio.

    • ive checked the hands of everyone i know and it all matched. male hands all had longer ring fingers than the index finger. female hands all had the index finger slightly longer than the ring finger.

  14. Are there ANY photo`s of “michael” Obama being pregnant ? – I always thought O-bumboy was a bit dodgy and now it seems the truth is coming OUT.

  15. This is a shocking Revelation..

  16. Everything about Osama/Obama is a LIE.
    Every President Of The United States (POTUS) under the US Constitution MUST be a NATURAL BORN Citizen. [Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5].
    His Excellency Peter OGEGO [Kenyan Ambassador to the US] made clear that Obama was born in KENYA. [His grandmother corroborated that fact].
    US Attorney Philip Berg [ex Deputy AG] made clear that the purported Obama ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ was a Fraud. US Sheriff Joe Arpaio made clear the Obama Certificate of Live Birth is a FRAUDULENT document. based on expert evidence.

  17. Need to focus more on abolishing entitlements to lazy baby makers and make sure that everyone applying for benefits can speak, read, and write in English.

  18. Douglas Mackinlay

    Michelle Obama cannot possibly be a man.
    If you look at a Serena Williams hands you will see her fingers, shoulders and helght are the same proportions to Michelle Obama.

  19. Well I did done her and it’s a wombman.

  20. Jesus spoke of inclusion. He never said anything against trans-gendered or gay people. Those conceots are fairly new. Transgenderism has been in humanity since the beginning of history. Now, we the almighty loving Christians, have taken upon ourselves to judge other people by this or that, according to our beliefs. Beliefs are not knowledge. When we believe something it is only because we don’t actually know that something. But I am preaching to the deaf. So, my fellow Christians, let’s all conyinur to hate, disdian, judge and exclude anyone who does not conform to our belives; in the name of the infinite love of Jesus (of course). Every era needs someone to blame. For the Nazis it was the Jews; in the middle ages we conducted the crusades killing 100’s of thousands of “infidels”, then we had the infamous Holy Inquisition (the war against witches. It is only fair that in the 21 first Century, having learned nothing from the past, we also should be able exclude, discriminate, judge and punish someone or anyone group for and in the name of the Lord. I don’t think Jesus would approve of this hatred; but hey… we must be allowed to hate.

  21. Sharona,
    If Michelle Obama is a man based on half the stuff you posted here, than I must be, too, despite being a natural born getero woman. I’m well off “normal” proportions for a woman (wide shoulders and back, disproportionately large feet for my height, large hands and fingers), have ring fingers longer than index fingers, and (when I worked out regularly in my 20’s and 30’s) very muscular arms and shoulders. I’ve also got clothes that, when I move, can bunch weird across the hip and groin area because I’m oddly shaped and most clothes don’t fit me well. A few creases in a crotch do NOT mean there’s a penis in there. And, ya know, those bulges that aren’t Photoshopped could be easily explained as feminine pads or even incontinence pads. Saying women don’t touch their crotch is totally NOT true. Sit the wrong way with the wrong pair of panites on and you’ll be doing contortion tricks trying to get them out of places they don’t belong when you get up and try to walk after. Basically, this is all fictional speculation without proof.

  22. I have nothing to say against Michelle Obama because this girl even 50 years it as attractive as ravishing even if the pictures shows a lovely throat with an apple adam does not remove the beauty of her throat and this ravishing girl

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