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Jaden Smith Says He Likes Boys And Wears Dresses!

Rapper and actor, Jaden Smith is the son of Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith; both his parents are bisexual. Jaden Smith wearing a dress, full make-up, cross dressing and painting his fingernails like Young Thug doesn’t surprise me anymore; men wearing dresses is becoming a new thing. This industry is twisted, crazy and clearly wants to blur the lines of true masculinity and real manhood?

Rappers In Dresses
Rappers wearing dresses

Hollywood gay agendaIt was stated that Jaden Smith tweeted about how his “junk” swings freely around in a dress when he dances.Jaden with roses on his hair and in a dress

He announced that he is now wearing women’s clothing. Which he tweeted:

“That Moment When Your Wearing A Dress With No Pants And You Swerve Way To Hard.”

“Went To Topshop To Buy Some Girl Clothes, I Mean “Clothes””Jaden in a dress

Moreover, he went to prom with actress Amandla Stenberg and made headlines for wearing a dress.Jaden wears a dress to prom

Jaden tweeted:

“Boys Like Boys”

He has also tweeted about his love for Tyler the creator!

“@tyler Think I’m in Love With You. I Don’t Know I’m Still Figuring It Out But In The Meantime, Happy Birthday.”

Which many bloggers were immediately reporting that it was Jaden Smith officially coming out of the closet, letting us know that he has these types of affection and feelings for men.

Jaden in full make-up
Jaden in full make-up

He was also photographed in public kissing his best friend and brother of popular actor from children’s TV series Hannah Montana.

Then a month ago there was some publications writing that Jaden Smith will have his genitals surgically removed on his 18th birthday that went viral, but which were later said to be nothing more than a rumor.

Jaden in a crop top!
Jaden in a crop top!

Jaden Smith’s clothing could be a rebellious trend, or a mental disorder from which his father help create. If you search “Will Smith kisses son on lips” in YouTube, you will find an awkward video of Will and Jaden. It’s looking like we will see a gender change from him within the next ten years, if not sooner. His sister Willow Smith has already tried cutting her hair and dressing in boy clothes; so all this must be natural in Hollywood. Talk about gender confusion! Why is everybody trying to be the opposite gender and not wanting to be themselves?

Willow Smith
Willow Smith

Pusha T performs on Saturday.

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  1. SocialJusticeWarrior

    This article is extremely unnaccepting of gender fluid, trans, and bi people. They are being themselves, it’s just people like the author of this article being negative prevents others from being who they are, feeling constrained by gender norms. You don’t have to be confused to act different from your gender, in fact, I think it would be quite the opposite.

  2. Is there a way to report this? This is not only gender discrimination but also sexual discrimination and defamation of character. He is a young lad let him do whatever he wants!

  3. Him walking around like that in public leaves a bad look on his parents and people as a whole. If young boy was to see him like thatl, he would start to think its ok and it just is no. Lastly, this can’t be reported due to the mere fact that it is the writers opinion and i believe their opinion is completely correct. The world was made to run and function in a certain way and people like him are ruining the order of the world.

    • Parents have been brainwashed by the industry themselves and can not teach their children any good moral values, let alone raise them. Imagine the world full of these kinds of children that don’t care about society as a whole! We are lost and need our Lord! I pray our children be given discernment and keep their minds away from this messy world and focus on praise and reverence to their Creator.

    • “If young boy was to see him like thatl, he would start to think its ok and it just is no.”

      Because you’re a credible source on anthropology. Get bent, bigot.

  4. Yea, people’s need to learn to accept how they’re made n stop this fluidity confusion… Parents be good role models n teach your kids, don’t just let them be….

  5. This whole gender confusion thing they have going is total BS and anyone who supports it is just as guilty of starting it. Anyone who says it’s ok to be a MAN and dress as a woman has some serious issues mentally and should get help. What these actors and actresses are doing is pushing an agenda and all you brainwashed fools accept it and are OK with it. I for one have no issue telling anyone this is Wrong and if my son or daughter comes to me and says I want to be a girl or boy and wear clothes of the opposite sex it’s time for a serious talk and time for some therapy. Anyone who thinks this is just a fad is blind and nieve to what is really happening in our society. This is just another reason why I CAN’T WAIT TIL JESUS COMES BACK!!!

    • What difference does it make to you people if he likes dresses? It’s not like a penis comes with a terms of service manual.

  6. Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the
    good work.

  7. Jesus spoke of inclusion. He never said anything against trans-gendered or gay people. Those conceots are fairly new. Transgenderism has been in humanity since the beginning of history. Now, we the almighty loving Christians, have taken upon ourselves to judge other people by this or that, according to our beliefs. Beliefs are not knowledge. When we believe something it is only because we don’t actually know that something. But I am preaching to the deaf. So, my fellow Christians, let’s all conyinur to hate, disdian, judge and exclude anyone who does not conform to our belives; in the name of the infinite love of Jesus (of course). Every era needs someone to blame. For the Nazis it was the Jews; in the middle ages we conducted the crusades killing 100’s of thousands of “infidels”, then we had the infamous Holy Inquisition (the war against witches. It is only fair that in the 21 first Century, having learned nothing from the past, we also should be able exclude, discriminate, judge and punish someone or anyone group for and in the name of the Lord. I don’t think Jesus would approve of this hatred; but hey… we must be allowed to hate.

  8. Howdy! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good info you’ve gotten here on this post. I can be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

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