Kim Kardashian & Kanye West ‘Stronger Than Ever As Couple’ After Taylor Swift Grudge


“The feud with Taylor has brought Kim and Kanye closer than ever before. Kanye feels like Kim really is his ride or die until the end of time. They are stronger than ever as a couple,” a source                          Kim Kardashian, 35  nearly broke the internet — again — after a Snapchat video she took of beloved hubby Kanye West, 39, having a conversation withTaylor Swift, 26, about including her in his song “Famous” aired on the July 17 Keeping Up With The Kardashians and blew social media reaction sky-high.

“Any arguments or disagreements between them have been forgotten and replaced with a love forged stronger by the battle they have been in together against Taylor Swift. Kanye is proud Kim is his wife today and the feeling from Kim is mutual,” our source adds. Clearly they’re also feeling victorious as after the tape was revealed on the reality show, a tide of internet hate swirled around the “Blank Space” singer with many calling her out for being an alleged liar. Taylor has confirmed in the past that she did talk to Kanye about the song, but only in regards to her putting it up on her Twitter. The tape shows there was a much more in-depth conversation about the details of the song’s lyrics.

But what may be bonding Kimye is sending Taylor through the roof, with her lawyers sending letters to the rapper demanding that he destroy all tapes involving the singer, who definitely isn’t going to be shaking off this controversy. Taylor immediately took to her Instagram to demand where in the tape she agreed to being called a “b*tch” in Yeezy’s now infamous line “I made that b*tch famous,” because she said he never ran that by her. She accused the couple of falsely painting her as a liar and claimed to be the victim of “character assassination,” since she never heard the song and thus was never able to know about the new line about her in it.