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”My Love Affair with Timmy is no More”-Kush Tracey

The whole of last week rumors of a misunderstanding between musician lovebirds Kush Tracey of ‘huwez nidandia’ and Timmy Dat of ‘wele wele’ during a night out at 1824 pub in Lang’ata were all over the interwebs.

According to reports, a tycoon got into a fight with Timmy leaving him unconscious and took away Tracey in the process.

But according to an Instagram post put up by Tracey days later, she rubbishes the claims of the existence of a tycoon who wants her bad and confirms that the fight was between her and her then boyfriend Timmy.

With that, she further revealed that they have since broken up and they are only business partners following that incident.

Timmy has notyet commented on the state of their relationship.

The two have dated for a mere 6 months and had recently released a collabo titled ‘Ndulu’.





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