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Myths You Still Believe About Exercise

Swimming Is Great For Weight Loss

Swimming is a good way to exercise for toning certain muscles, reducing stress, increasing lung capacity and cooling down of course… But when it comes to being a fast way to remove those extra pounds, the pool might not be the best choice. Our bodies are buoyant when swimming and thus is the workout that we are receiving is being aided by our natural ability to float. Spending that same time jogging or climbing will give you a much more rounded workout.swimming

Stretching First Will Prevent Injury

Many a student has heard this from a gym teacher or coach. While stretching does have its benefits, preventing injury is not one of them. Stretching is shown to be more beneficial doing something for a long amount of time such as sitting at a computer or driving, than it is before doing an excessive workout.

If You Are Not Sweating, You Are Not Working Hard Enough

While it is true that sweating profusely will reduce your weight, the pound or two that you lose will actually be just water weight, and will replenish itself quickly after you re-hydrate. Sweat us not necessarily evidence of an incredible workout, just evidence that your body is overheating. Perspiring is just your body’s way of cooling itself, you can avoid sweat and still burn plenty of calories by taking long walks or doing some light weight training.sweating

No Pain, No Gain

The idea that you have to cause physical pain to your body to have exercised enough to make a difference to your health, is absolutely absurd. It is fine to push yourself, especially if you want to increase endurance, but there is a difference between the pain and discomfort of hurting yourself in the burn of a good workout. If you are in genuine pain, that is a sign that your doing something wrong with your exercise.

You Lose More Weight At The Gym Than At Home

Most people think and argue that it is better to work out at the gym. But the truth of the matter is you lose weight simply by burning off more calories than you take in, regardless of your regimen. The types of exercise that you do is what will define how you tone and shape your body as you work out different areas, and if you do not have a lot of options at home you may want to make it to the gym as a more viable solution. However, as long as your pushing yourself location does not matter at all.home exercising

Working Out Will Build Muscle Not Lose Weight

This myth comes from the theory that muscle is more than fat, and therefore compensates for the weight your losing by replacing it. While it is true that repetitive exercise will horn-in and increase muscle mass and strength, the idea that this will prevent you from losing weight is not true. But the truth is when lose weight we actually lose both fat and muscle, and it is through working muscle that we maintain them. It is more accurate to say that by exercising, you are losing fat and sustaining muscle mass.

If You Didn’t Exercise When You’re Young It’s Dangerous To Start When You’re Older

It is never to late to start exercising, . as long as you pay attention to your body’s limits. Training in your lifestyle for a healthier one is never a bad idea… In fact, a study in 2009 showed that seniors who exercised or even started to exercise later in life lived longer than those who did not change their lifestyle at all.old-man-exercising

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