Nicki Minaj Urged to Cancel Angolan Concert by Human Rights Foundation

Nicki Minaj in Angola
Nicki Minaj Angolan performance poster

Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj is being urged by the Human Rights Foundation to call of her Angolan concert scheduled for Saturday 19th December. This will be at a Christmas party sponsored by Unitel, a communications firm based in the country.

According to the organization which is based in New York City, the money that will be used to pay Nicki has been raised from human rights violations and corruption. Since Nicki Minaj is an artist with global influence and who provides creative inspiration the human rights foundation feels she who should not be doing business with the Angolan dictatorship.

It was also noted that Nicki and Mariah Carey share the same manager and that in 2013, Mariah Carey was paid $1 million for her performance in the same country.