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Octopizzo blasts blogger for spreading fear online

A lot is going on online that has drawn the attention of Kibera-born singer Octopizzo.

The ‘Utanishow’ singer went ham on a microblogger, Xtian Dela, who posted a showing a battle beween police and demonstrators going at each other on the streets.

Octopizzo told him, “Please STOP inciting people with FAKE videos just for some retweets and likes. This video was taken during campaigns in Mombasa. Kama unajua ujawai poteza mtu coz of violence ebu muache hii ufala kabisa! And apologize to Kenyans because you’ve taken the video down after realising that’ this is a previous campaign video (but internet never forgets). Kila msee let’s stay calm, tu maintain peace jo, usichochwe na mtu yeyote. Verify your sources.”

His fans went ahead to thank him for speaking out and also blasted Xtian Dela for spreading false information.

Kelvin Mihari wrote, “Dela waacha ufala kabisa. Sisi raiyaa tumeamua ni amani my family needs to eat they don’t need to run away or cry coz daddy is dead..that clip niyakitambo. Kenyans lets be wise enough tusichochwee.”

Another fan, Bobi Franky added, “People should never fight for politics, we lose our lives for people who can’t mourn with us… member dis.”

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