Sad Story of  a Lady Squeezed To Death by Two Matatus at Tuskys Beba Beba Stage



Cecilia Njeri Gicheha “Bianca” was a 23yr old of the University of Nairobi student,was set to travel to Limuru on Thursday to inform her family she was in the graduation list and she had landed a job at Boma Hotel.

She was scheduled to report to work on Tuesday, her brother, Njenga Gicheha, said Njeri travelled back to Nairobi on Friday to attend a fellowship with her friends.Her life was brutally cut short on Friday night by two ruthless matatu drivers who were jostling for passengers along Moi Avenue.

According to eye witnesses, the student screamed when she was hit by the first matatu but the second one squashed her further. Here is a facebook post by one of the good Samaritans who tried to save her life:

Eye witness Facebook post

“A matatu reversed unexpectedly and she was sandwiched between two vehicles near Tuskys Beba Beba,” her brother said.

Gicheha said Njeri broke her ribs, chest bones and ruptured her kidney. She was taken to Guru Nanak Hospital by good Samaritans and a police officer who rushed to the scene and impounded the matatu that reversed.Njeri succumbed to death while doctors were taking an X-ray.

At the time of her sudden demise,Njeri was the vice chairperson of the Truth Movement, a social NGO. Here are photos of a  beautiful soul that went too soon:


R.I.P Njeri!