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Sia Reveals Her Face To Final Four in the ‘American Idol’

American Idol Top 4 contestants are not only way more talented than us! but The top dogs in the singing competition got to have a rare face-to-face encounter with their mentor of the week, Sia on Mar. 24! Here’s what went down.

Finalist La’Porsha Renae must be totally thrilled on Mar. 24, because she got her wish of seeing Sia’s face when she mentored them on American Idol! The super talented contestant said. “I am so excited to meet Sia and get the chance to do one of her songs. All of us are excited to meet her. I hope that she allows me to see her face. I need to see the behind the scenes, I won’t take pictures I promise! I am really excited to meet her and be around her.”

After she admitted that she dreamed of getting to have a real face-to-face discussion with the very private singer, she revealed that she and her fellow competitors got to do just that right before her Mar. 24 finalist performance! And her confession sent the Twitter verse into a frenzy, because while the contestants got to see Sia, the fans didn’t. The show blurred it out. Some fans were curious, others were super jealous, but mostly they were all mystified at what an honor it is to see Sia’s face. Which, by the way, she HAS shown before.

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