Socialites Huddah and Zari Kill their Beef for Business


Huddah Monroe and her Ugandan rival Zari Hassan seem to have decided to bury the hatchet after months of a silent feud that saw the two throwing some dark shade at each other.

Huddah will be one of the celebrities headlining a beach party on December 24 in Iringa, Tanzania, organized by Wasafi Records WCB, a music stable owned by Zari’s husband, Diamond Platinumz.

Among the artistes who will perform at the beach party are Rich Mavoko and Harmonize.

Huddah and Zari have in the past locked horns after the former’s invite to Latiffa’s (Diamond and Zari’s daughter) birthday party failed to suffice.

The two then started throwing shade at each other with Huddah calling Diamond government property and accusing Zari of having children with Diamond just to tie him down.

Zari on her part dared Huddah to post a picture of a man who will claim ownership of her in public.

Credit NairobiNews