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The Biggest Kenyan Celebrity Scandals of 2015

The role of social media in shaping the media agenda is immeasurable. What might pass out as a simple or innocent thing may after a long while come to haunt you years later as DJ Creme learnt. You can trust Kenyans on Twitter to make you trend but at times this could be for malicious and morally wrong reasons. Below is a round up of 2015 celebrity scandals in Kenya from which we can draw some lessons.

D.J. Crème Sex Tape

Prior to this scandal, DJ Crème was known for his epic deejaying skills. This gave his a great followership on Instagram and huge numbers of his mixes downloaded online. He frequently does posts that show him off as a great family man. This though may have changed after the greatest scandal of 2015 hit him.

DJ Creme

This was after a sex tape was leaked online of him with another woman who is not his wife. The DJ latter admitted being ashamed of the leakage and asked for forgiveness from his family, friends and fans. It was also revealed that the recording was done prior to his becoming a family man. This though has not stopped the social media from making fun of his bedroom antics or lack of thereof.

Cyprian Nyakundi and Xtian Ndela BIDCO Extortion Audio Clip

This all began when blogger and Twitter bigwig Cyprian Nyakundi published a series of blog articles regarding what he claimed was its illegal operations in Uganda, allegations which the Ugandan government had cleared the company.

He called on the company to be answerable and do the right thing. The company in a bid to clear up the mess set up a meeting with a representative from them and Xtian as the middle man acting to represent Nyakundi. Things took an unexpected turn from this point as the the bigwigs turned into extortion.

Cyprian Nyakundi, Xtian Dela and BIDCO saga

It was suggested that Cyprian get paid Ksh50M so he could delete the incriminating content from Twitter and his blog. It was no surprise when revealed by Xtian that a good chunk had been paid to Cyprian to put up the story which made him look like he was hawking himself to the highest bidder.

Only recently, Cyprian Nyakundi claimed that he would sue Larrry Madowo over alleged defamation for a piece he did after the clip was released online. This though seems to have died down and we are yet to learn of any legal action against him.

Brother Ocholla Whatsapp Message

This one was funny as it was awkward. If you are like me, you belong to a number of Whatsapp groups. Some you willingly join while for others you find yourself in having been added by others. We only remain in some because it would appear rude to “left” the group, a word commonly used to refer to the act of quitting Whatsapp groups, and not because they are of any help to us.

Ocholla Whatsapp Screen Shot

Brother Ochollah, I believe, is like most of us. His only sin was getting his chats mixed up which saw him send a private message to a prayer cell group. We all know the stereotype that men can’t multitask and Ocholla proved that. Men can’t multi task chatting. I wonder though who it was that released the screen shot online.

Mugo Wairimu

Of all celebrity and public personality scandals of 2015, this was the most obscene. There was some footage showed by Citizen TV alleging that the owner of Prestige Clinics was engaging in illicit sexual behavior with his patients sedated.

The matter has since been taken up and Mugo is being investigated on the same.






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