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Usher’s Fat Herpes Accuser Exposed as Fraud: “She’s Not My Type”

Usher has recently been accused of spreading herpes to multiple women. The claims are filled with loopholes at best, I wouldn’t be that surprised if the guy has an STD though- Usher has been a highly successful singer and performer since the late 90s, he’s been on tour crushing  snatch for over 20 years, he’s bound to have caught something. Frankly, any girl who wants to sleep with a celebrity like that should know the risks; I’d argue that some even do know, but still want to sleep with someone famous anyway.

Star fuckers are all about attention and sleeping with famous people to get some of it, Usher’s recent accusers are no different. Take Quantasia Sharpton, she’s been on the news the past few days and even on Youtube’s trending page; she held a press conference recently announcing her legal case against the singer for exposing her to herpes.

Quantasia Sharpton claims Usher picked her out of the audience at a concert (was selected to go backstage after the show), got her number, and went over to her hotel room where they had sex. She claims he didn’t tell her he allegedly had genital herpes. Usher's Fat Herpes Accuser Exposed as Fraud: "She's Not My Type"

Sources say Usher told them he may have pulled her up onstage, he doesn’t remember, but he absolutely didn’t hook up with her. He’s telling his close circle in no way, shape or form  did he have sex with the her… Because he’s just not into her type.

Numerous performers tell stories about how they sometimes pick the most ugly, baddest, or worse looking girls to go backstage, that way all the other girls in the concert will think they have a chance with them- it’s apparently a pretty clever strategy for performers to use. It is speculated that perhaps this girl was so disappointed she didn’t actually get to sleep with the guy that she decided to make this scandal up out of spite. 

However,  from Quantasia Sharpton scandalous internet history, it doesn’t get any more obvious that she is in it for the money and attention whoring. She was asking for money on Facebook a week before she decided to hop on the Usher lawsuit wagon. And if you didn’t think it could get worse, Quantasia has also done this with other celebrities in the past, saying one ran a train on her, and she even lied about having some guy’s kid. She has been exposed for lying about dating Keith Powers, an actor and model, for sending a fake sex story to Baller Alert saying that she slept with rapper August Alsina, and editing Luke James Wikipedia page to say that they were in a relationship. It appears to be a common past time of her’s, Angel Valentino is sometimes her alias online, and Usher seems to be just her latest target. Quantasia has even upgraded her tactics from tweeting to live press conferences with famous Hollywood lawyers thanks to her recent 15 minutes of fame. 

No pride, no shame, and coincidentally no herpes or STDs…  Yes, Quantasia has been tested of having no herpes, so what is the point of all this?  Apparently, she is suing Usher because she went through trauma just at the thought of getting herpes. The punchline is Usher has also no herpes according to a new report, so who gets the last laugh…

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