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Why Do You Get Bags Under Your Eyes?

The clinical term to that, non-pretty, under-eye baggage is “periorbital hyperpigmentation,’ or POH, and there are various reasons that cause these bags under your eyes- from genetics, to a bad lifestyle or simply aging- with some treatments that can curb it.

First and foremost, the skin beneath the eyes is very thin therefore especially transparent. That makes the underlying blood vessels more prominent, which can make the skin appear darker.

Secondly, aging is the most prominent cause of bags under the eyes. Right between the nose, the eye, and the cheek is a groove that dermatologists call the tear trough, because it provides tears with an exit path after they drip from our eyes. Thus as we get older, everyone loses fat under the surface of the skin- and that makes the tear trough appear even more hollow. Something of an optical illusion. The apparent darkness is simply a result of the way light reflects off the surface of facial contours.

Genetics doesn’t help either, if your parents have eye bags you probably will too. Some people are just prone to cholesterol under eyes. Also one’s genetically anatomical structure, where your sinuses are situated, if you have a diverted septum it may lead to allergies and general congestion in the sinuses which normally causes puffy eyes.dark eyesLastly, a bad or unhealthy lifestyle is a common cause of bags under the eyes. Lack of sleep, alcohol and smoking, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and stress exacerbates to POH. Moreover, anything that leads to puffiness in the body such as salty meals also makes your under eyes puffy.

This problem can be mitigated with makeup, more sleep, cutting on salty foods and reducing your stress levels. If the bags under your eyes are from fluid retention rather than aging, you can slip some cool slices of cucumber or tea bags under your eyes. The cold will restrict your blood vessels and reduce the swelling. You can further try to sleep with an extra pillow to elevate your head, so the fluid drains out of your face while your sleeping.Woman Holding Cucumber Slices over Eyes

Some extreme measures to are blepharoplasty surgery, going under the knife, which removes fat under the eyes. A dermatologists can also inject wrinkle fillers under people’s eye muscles to reduce their baggage every 8 months or so. eyebags on celebrities

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