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Jamie Foxx Is a Real Life Hero After Rescuing a Man From a Burning Car

Jamie Foxx has broken his silence about his outrageously selfless act from last night. Speaking with ABC 7 News, the actor explains, “He has EMT scissors. He hits the glass, I climb in and try to hit his seat belt, but he’s hovered over, so the seat belt is on him. So I grabbed the scissors from him, cut the seat belt, but it’s on his neck. So I cut it off his neck. And then, as the flames do come into the cabin, I lean back, but I think what it did is it hit his legs, which made him extend. And when he extends out of the cabin, pull him out, and as we pull him out, within five seconds later, the truck goes up.”

Brett Kyle’s father, Brad, also spoke with ABC, and through tears said, “It doesn’t matter to me who it was, or what they do for a living, or whatever. Just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than I can fathom. it’s all tears of joy. He’s got two sisters and a brother, they would’ve lost their brother if it wasn’t for him.”

The 48-year-old Oscar winner leaped to a stranger’s rescue Monday night in California, his rep confirmed.

According to California Highway Patrol, 32-year-old Brett Kyle was driving at “a high rate of speed” when his car drove into a drainage ditch in the road, collided with a drainage pipe and concrete, rolled over multiple times and landed on the passenger side engulfed in flames.

While Kyle was trapped inside the car, two witnesses near the scene—including Foxx—ran to the blazing  site to help free the trapped driver. The actor grabbed a rescue tool from his vehicle, which allowed the witnesses to break the window, cut the seat belt and get Kyle out alive.

Immediately after, fire and medical emergency personnel arrived to the scene. Kyle was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and was taken to the hospital to treat his injuries.

The Grammy winner has not flaunted his personal heroics since the crash, remaining silent about the event on all of his social media.

During his most recent public event, Foxx took the podium at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards to introduce his stunning daughter Corinne Bishop as Miss Golden Globe.

Judging from these hasty heroics, Jamie is definitely one cool dad.


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