Kylie Jenner Makes Out With Tyga & Says What she wants Between them


We all know Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday at a club in Hollywood but what we didn’t know was that she and Tyga made out all night! The KUWTK cameras took us behind the scenes of her birthday where she couldn’t stop kissing him in front of her family and friends!

“Tyga and I have always been friends but now I’m a little bit older and we’re together,” she admits during the episode. “I just want to see where things go.” But she didn’t stop there, she praised him and it was adorable. “Tyga is the most selfless generous nicest person, I am so happy, for sure one of the best night’s of my life.”

We’re sure it didn’t hurt that he bought her a Ferrari for her birthday present! But it’s nice to see them really getting along and Kylie seems so happy. Of course, this was months before she dumped him on his birthday but then took him back a few days later.