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Lamar Odom’s Birthday: Former NBA Star Turns 36

It’s hard to believe that this day almost didn’t happen. Less than one month ago, Lamar Odomwas fighting for his life from a hospital bed in Las Vegas, and now the former NBA star is gearing up to celebrate his 36th birthday! While he may still have a long way to go before he is fully recovered, we’re just glad to see that he alive and doing well today in the presence of his loved ones. As we continue to wish Lamar all the best in his road to recovery, let’s take a look back at his difficult year and continue to send him tons of birthday love and cheer!
It’s been nothing if not a traumatic year for Lamar, who, though doing much better today, nearly lost his life just weeks before his birthday. The former Lakers star had sadly been battling with drug use for some time before that tragic day, October 13, that he was found lying unconscious on the floor of a Las Vegas brothel. Lamar was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he remained in a coma and on life support for three days. Doctors later confirmed that Lamar hassuffered from a drug overdose that caused many of his organs to fail as well as multiple strokes. After being given only a 50/50 chance of survival, Lamar woke from his coma on Oct. 16 and was soon flown to a Los Angeles area hospital where he continues to work on his recovery. From there, Lamar’s condition only continued to improve, as he was soon taken off of dialysis and moved out of ICU to the floor where he can receive physical therapy to regain his motor skills.

If there is one positive thing that came out of Lamar’s terrifying health crisis, it was his relationship with Khloe Kardashian, 31. Prior to entering the hospital, Khloe and Lamar’s marriage has all but deteriorated.  The two had signed off on all of their divorce papers and were ready to go their separate ways, only to find out during his health crisis that a judge had never signed off on the papers, and the two were still legally married.

The second she learned of Lamar’s condition, Khloe immediately dropped everything to be with him, staying by his bedside the entire time. It was then that Khloe decided to throw out the couple’s divorce papers, so that the two could continue to focus on his recovery without the additional legal burden. Khloe has been Lamar’s rock through all of this, and continues to support him and his recovery to the fullest, despite her relationship with James Harden, 26.

Right now, Lamar is doing everything in his power to win Khloe back, who he credits with giving the will to live again. In fact, all Lamar wanted for his birthday this year was to have her by his side. “He told her that she literally gave him his life back. He has her love and there’s nothing else he wants from her than that! Khloe damn near melted on the spot when she told him that,” a source said

As for his big birthday plays, Lamar intends to spend the day with Khloe, and no doubt reflecting on how far he’s come recently. “36 is a big birthday for Lamar, and Khloe will be celebrating with him, birthday hat, cake and all! It’s an incredibly special birthday for him too – given the circumstances!” our insider added. “Lamar’s one lucky man. Weeks ago, no one thought he’d liveto reach 36 but God is good, and Lamar’s lucky and thankful he’s breathing.”

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