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M-PESA Rates, Charges and Tariffs 2015

M-PESA rates change depending on the transaction you are making. You can use M-PESA to buy airtime for your phone or someone else’s for free. Charges to send or withdraw money depend on the amount you are transacting. SAFARICOM, the mobile service provider may review or introduce new M-PESA tariffs from time to time.

New M-PESA Rates and Tariffs

Customer Charges  
Transaction Range (KES) Transaction Type and Customer Charge (KES)  
Min Max Transfer to




Transfer to

Unregistered users

Withdrawal from

M-PESA Agent

10 49 1 N/A N/A
50 100 3 N/A 10
101 500 11 44 27
501 1,000 15 48 27
1,001 1,500 25 58 27
1,501 2,500 40 73 27
2,501 3,500 55 110 49
3,501 5,000 60 132 66
5,001 7,500 75 163 82
7,501 10,000 85 201 110
10,001 15,000 95 260 159
15,001 20,000 100 282 176
20,001 25,000 110 303 187
25,001 30,000 110 303 187
30,001 35,000 110 303 187
35,001 40,000 110 N/A 275
40,001 45,000 110 N/A 275
45,001 50,000 110 N/A 275
50,001 70,000 110 N/A 330

M-PESA Costs for ATM Withdrawal

Transaction Range
Min (KES) Max (KES) M-PESA Charges
200 2500 33
2501 5000 66
5001 10000 110
10001 20000 193

M-PESA Charges for Other Transactions

Other Transactions KES
All Deposits FREE
M-PESA Registration FREE
Buying Airtime through M-PESA FREE
M-PESA Balance Enquiry 1
Change M-PESA PIN 22


  • Maximum Account Balance is Ksh100,000
  • Maximum Daily Transaction Value is Ksh140,000.Maximum per transaction is Ksh70,000
  • You cannot withdraw less than Ksh50 at an M-PESA agent outlet
  • To transact, your SAFARICOM line and M-PESA account must be active
  • At an agent outlet, you cannot deposit money directly into another M-PESA customer’s account
  • You earn BONGA points when you transact on M-PESA.
  • To register or transact at any M-PESA Agent outlet, you will be required to produce your original identification document, i.e., National ID, Passport, Military ID, Diplomatic ID or Alien ID/Foreigner Certificate

Recently, there have been reductions largely benefiting those transacting in the lower bands. The charges required to send KES 501 to KES 1000 has been cut down by 44% from KES 27 to KES 15. Sending KES 1001 to KES 1500 was also reduced by 24.2% from KES 33 to KES 25.

These changes however do not favor those transacting in the higher bands who will have to spend more to send money. Sending KES 1501 to KES 2500 has been increased by 21.2% from KES 33 to KES 40. The largest rise will be for those sending KES 3501 to KES 5000 band who will have to KES 60 up from KES 33, a whopping 81% increase.

These revisions may be viewed as a wide eyed move bracing itself for competition from other mobile money transfer agents such as Airtel and new entrant Equity. This comes as a major tariff review since its launch in 2007. While the transaction fee cuts by Airtel Money Service may not have influenced SAFARICOM’s move as much, the entrance of Equity bank may have made things a little more competitive. The bank is known for coming up with products that benefit and relate more with the common mwananchi.


SAFARICOM CEO Bob Collymore, commented on these changes stating,

“The good news is that we have introduced lower charges for smaller transactions but at the same time we have had to increase the charges levied on the bigger amounts being transferred. This is motivated, in large part, by the need to give greater incentives to our growing agent network to embrace higher value transactions, while improving overall efficiency for our customers, particularly float availability.”

Bob Collymore cited that the tariff reviews as largely influenced by customer feedback.

“It was very clear to us when we undertook this tariff review that we were in a unique position to extend the benefits of financial inclusion to more Kenyans, particularly those in lower income groups who rely very heavily on our service.”  He added, “We are particularly conscious of the fact that about 7 in 10 adults in Kenya now have access to some form of mobile money service and as the pioneers in this space we have a specific role to ensure that our service remains affordable to everyone.”

Other than sending and receiving M-PESA now enables you to pay for goods and services making it a lot easier in how Kenyans do their businesses.

Check the official SAFARICOM Page for updates and revisions on the new MPESA rates and charges.

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