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Morgan Heritage to apply for Kenyan citizenship

Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage members will apply for Kenyan citizenship.

Famously known as the ‘Royal Family of Reggae’, the group says it will soon make a home in the country. For the last two weeks, the Don Haffi Dread-famed band has been in Kenya, where apart from headlining the Extravaganza concert, they have been engaging in several charity activities.

The group will soon set up a mega state-of-the-art music recording company in Nairobi, where all of its African operations will be based. The group is currently based in the US.

“We are going to look for President Kenyatta because we want to get Kenyan passports. By the grace of God, we will soon have our home in Kenya. We have been to many parts of the world, including South Africa, Nigerian and Senegal, but there’s nowhere else we feel at home than in Kenya. We’ve got just a few more years left to live in the West. We are officially coming to make Kenya our home,” said the eldest group member, Gramps Morgan, during the ’10 Minutes of Your Time’ forum with the Youth Enterprise Development Fund at the University of Nairobi on Friday.

Peetah Morgan added: “It was not easy being born and growing up as a black person in America. It’s not easy still. There is great injustice for black people, not just in America but everywhere else where there is a white man!”


credit: The star

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