Sauti Sol Finally in the White House house: Obama Loves Lipala Dance.

President Obama and Uhuru Kenyatta dancing to Sauti Sol's Sura Yako during his Kenyan Visit

In Sauti Sol’s recent facebook status update, they revealed what every artist in Africa would dream to find themselves.

“Dreams come true. A picture of us dancing with President Barack Obama has been placed in the The White House You will see it when you take a tour of the West Wing, right near the Oval Office! No photos allowed.”



It seems Barrack Obama did not get enough of the Sauti Sol boys after his visit to Kenya. According to the band, a photo of them dancing with the US President in Kenya has now found a home in the White House. A tour of the West Wing will reveal the moment Barack Obama danced to Sura Yako at the State House dinner.