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Serena Williams & Drake: How Serious Is Their Romance, And is Serena Pregnant?

Drake, 29, and Serena Williams, 33, have been keeping coy about their relationship, but where is this romance heading? The bottom line: Drake adores Serena, but he’s not ready to be a one-woman man!

“They are still a thing, but he is also not committed to only her, and enjoys the variety life brings in the women department. He will always be a player first,” a source said. “Drake can be with a different woman every day if he wanted to be, and he usually is; he is not in a one-on-one relationship with Serena at all.”

We’re glad that there’s still a little something going on between Drake and Serena, but how we wish they were a definite item! Things are still early, though. Maybe Drake will realize how amazing this tennis champion is, and come to his senses!

The rumors that Serena was expecting a child — Drake’s child, to be specific — were false. Though these two are crazy about each other, bringing a baby into the mix isn’t about to happen. Especially with Drake still playing the field!

“[Serena’s] definitely not [pregnant],” a source said “She took a break from tennis because she needed to unwind and be stress free for a few months. She is not ready to have a child with anyone, especially with it being out of wedlock. She is not having Drake’s child.”

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