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Dry Cuticles: Causes, Prevention, and How to Get Rid of Them.

Dry Cuticles

Like the rest of the skin, cuticles can get dry and suffer from other related problems such as peeling, flaking, and itching among others. Unfortunately, most people pay a lot of attention to the nails but neglect their cuticles until it is too late and they have become dry or …

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Damaged Cuticles: Causes and How to Repair Bad Cuticles

damaged cuticles

Damaged cuticles on fingernails or toenails are not only ugly but also put you at risk of infection (paronychia). Nail cuticle damage is associated with problems such as peeling, cracking, splitting (torn cuticles) and hangnails not to mention nail discoloration. Below we discuss not only the possible causes of bad …

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How to Get Rid Of Hangnails on Toes and Fingers Fast Naturally, With and Without Nail Clippers


Hangnails on fingernails and toes are a common complaint in cold weather but other factors such as inappropriate manicure can trigger the problem. If removed inappropriately, hangnails can cause damage to the skin around the nails. Continue reading to discover how to get rid of hangnails naturally fast and permanently …

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