VIDEO: Elani Expose the Misdoings at MCSK After Being Paid a Sum of 31,000 Shillings for a Whole Year for Airplay


The MCSK is tasked with collecting royalties of artistes and at the end of each year they distribute the royalties to the artistes who have had the most airplay across main stream media. This was the expectation of Elani after they duly registered their music with MCSK before getting to the peak of their music career in the year 2014.

The 3-artiste band was shocked to find out that according to MCSK logs they had returns of  a mere 31,000 shillings in royalties intended to be divided among the three of them.Does that even make sense?

Elani asked for the music logs showing how often their music was played. They were given two different sets of logs for the same period of time. MCSK said they don’t monitor all radio stations plus they claimed radio stations give false logs.Yet Radio stations are not the only ones who pay MCSK.

That’s when Elani noticed the wrong doing and decided to go straight to the radio stations and confirm the numbers.MCSK after realizing they had done this, they called Brian and offered to give him a compensatory Ksh.300,000.

This is really discouraging, we are hoping that Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Sports, Culture and The Arts-Dr. Hassan Wario, and the relevant authorities will come in real quick to salvage the Music,Arts and culture industry which largely holds the youth.


Watch the video below for the full details;